Social life and events

The Graduate School is also a place of social interaction, sports and cultural activities

The PhD Students’ representatives organise a pizza-party, on the first wednesday of every month. The first pizza-party of the year, in October, is dedicated to welcoming new students.

One of your representatives‘ missions is to enhance exchanges between students : you may contact them anytime.

Inside the ENS

  • The Office for Arts and Culture (Bureau des Arts, BDA) gives you acces to reduced prices, many shows, the festival « 48Hours of Arts, and some cultural trips
  • The Office for Sports
  • The ENS is home of many clubs, from dancing to wine-tasting, from piano-bar playing to video games. The COF is responsible for these.

Inside PSL

You will find similar activities on PSL Campus life.

Be it with PSL or the ENS, feel free to propose and organise new activities