How-to : Go on a mission

How to go on a mission, financed by the ED540 ?

Three times a year, the ED540 launches calls for proposals, destined to fund event organisation.

Grants are awarded to projects that are related to the PhD training, and organised by students themselves.

I. Preparing your application

Send an application by email to the secretariat, respecting the conditions and deadline of each call for application.

Then the Scientific Board examines the applications, chooses what amount must be granted for each of them ; the secretariat will transfer their opinion by email.

II. Before you go : the Mission order

A Mission order is necessary to cover you mission expenses. It must be set by the ED540 secretariat, at least 8 days before departure, and respect the appointed departure and return dates and hours.

II.1 Case 1 : the Mission is financed only by the ED540

Buying your plane/train ticket :

Ask to send you a quote, and forward it to the secretariat.

If the ticket price is inferior or equal to the amount of assistance by the ED540, then the secretariat buys it, and you will receive it shortly.

If it is superior, you must buy the ticket yourself, and send a receipt to the secretariat. They will then establish the Mission order, and refund you.

If it is a car travel, you must give the receipts, along with the car registration and insurance documents.

Costs of Subscription to the symposium

If the subscription price is comprised in the assistance that was granted to you, you must send the subscription certificate or receipt, with dates and price, to the secretariat.

II.2 Case 2 : The Mission is financed by your Research unit and by the ED540

Your Mission order must be established by your Research Unit manager, at least one week before departure.

Then, upon presentation of a copy of you travel ticket, the ED540 pays to your Unit the chosen amount : this amount adds up to that granted by your Research Unit. In the end, it is the Resarch unit that covers the entire mission.

III. Returning from your mission

In Case 1 : send the following files to the secretariat :

  • Tickets and receipts
  • Boarding pass
  • Hotel receipt
  • In case of a travel by car, all original receipts

In Case 2 : send the same files, but to your Research Unit manager.

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