Registration process

Registration is a two-steps process

NB this webpage is about the registration process. For fundings, see here. The ED540 does not allocate fundings during the second wave of registrations.

Getting ready

  • I know what my PhD subject could be
  • I contact a researcher who could oversoo my work, and ask her/him if she/he would agree on supervising me.
  • I write the last verson of my PhD working project. My superviser-to-be writes a support letter.
  • I contact the director of my superviser’s Research Unit, asking a letter in which she commits to host me during my PhD research.

1. Academic Registration (No application on ADUM is required)

The application documents must be sent by e-mail before June 10th, 2019, 24:00 (for the First Session) and before September 29th 2019 (for the Second Session), to the ED540 Secretariat

The subject of your e-mail should consist of the following: Application / Registration / Surname of the Candidate.

Each submitted application should contain the following documents, assembled in a single pdf file:

  1. The applicant’s Research Project (max. 20.000 characters, including spaces but excluding the bibliography)
  2. The applicant’s Resume (3 pages max.)
  3. Reference Letter from the future Supervisor in which he/she should officialy announce that he/she will supervise the Candidate, while emphasising the interest of this particular project. He/she should also indicate if the Candidate is expected to be granted funds (nature, duration and amount of the financing) or, on the contrary, by which means the Candidate will fund his research project.
  4. A Letter from the Director of the foreseen research unit, stating that he/she will welcome the future Doctoral Candidate in his/her team during the whole period of completion of his/her doctorate.
  5. Copy of a document certifying that the future Doctoral Candidate passed his/her Master’s degree + A transcript of marks (1st and 2nd years).

Regarding the First session, any student who doesn’t have copies of his/her Master’s Degree or transcript of grades at his/her disposal on June 10th , 2019 has to send a document from the head of his/her Masters Department, certifying that the applicant intends to complete his/her formation and to take any exams required to do so in the first session of the 2018-2019 Academic Year.

Regarding the Second Session, the application in its entirety must be sent before September 29th, 2019.

The PhD Supervisor’s primary affiliation must be one of the Research teams listed here.

No paper version or incomplete application will be accepted. No acknowledgment of receipt will be delivered.

The application can be written in French as well as in English, but Candidates who are not already proficient in French have to commit to learning it. The dissertation could be written in French or in English, as long as a substantial abstract in French (50 pages) is provided.

Applications for the first session will be examined by the Academic Committee of ED 540 on June 18th, 2019. Shortlisted candidates will be notified by e-mail as soon as possible.

Applications for the 2nd Session will be examined by the Academic Committee during October, but the selected candidates will be notified before the end of the month, to complete their registration in time.

Important: Candidates willing to apply to the SACRe Doctoral Program and seeking affiliation with the SACRe team can enrol in ED 540 only if they fulfil both the following terms: 1.Having been selected by the Academic Committee of ED 540 and authorised to enrol and 2. Qualify for entry into the SACRe Program. For more information about SACRe, please contact Quentin RIOUAL.

2. Administrative Registration (registration on ADUM)

The last step for the selected students is then to carry out the Administrative Registration procedure via the ADUM online platform.

  • Administrative Registration (1st year) must be completed by November 2019 for both the Candidates of the 1st and 2st sessions.
  • Administrative Registration (2nd year and after) must be completed before October 20th 2019 (to be confirmed).

Each required document has to be sent in its entirety, duly signed and registered to the “Pôle des doctorants et HDR de l’ENS” (45 rue d’Ulm 75005 Paris,

Important: To apply for a Doctoral Scholarship you have to carry out an additional procedure. If you are interested in this, please refer to the Scholarship page of the website. ED 540 will not offer scholarship at the Second Registration Session.