Research Training Plan

At the Graduate School 540, Doctoral candidates enjoy a vibrant working environment: as well as getting guidance from their thesis supervisor, they can also discuss their research with the many scholars affiliated with the École Normale Supérieure.

In any case, the Doctoral Candidates have to follow the Graduate School Training plan : to finish one’s PhD, one have to have validated two units of each of the following three training fields :

1. Training for Professional integration

  • You will find training sessions on the PSL Doctoral College Course Catalogue. Subscribe via Adum, if places available. Other trainings are available with the CIERA (in French). You may also validate some unites via the Graduate School 540 (e.g. “Academic writing” sessions).
  • Internship (at least 3 weeks) in a non-university organisation

For this first field, diversity is not compulsory, i.e. you can validate two units in the same kind of training session (e.g. you don’t need to do an internship).

Contact : Mrs Anne Roulin (assistant administrator of PSL Doctoral College).

Some Complementary Missions (in French) are also available with PSL Doctoral College.

2. Cross-sectional training, operated by the ED540

  • For French speaking students : language courses (at least 24 hours’ teaching). For non-French speaking students, French lessons (idem). Please join the Espace des Cultures et Langues d’Ailleurs (ECLA) department (ÉNS).
  • 16 sessions, to be chosen among the  Library Thursdays : documentary workshops, organised by the ÉNS library.
  • A Presentation for the Doctoral Days of the ED540.
  • A scientific initiative within the framework of the ED540 : organising a symposium, a seminar, a workshop, supported by the ED540. See Study days organised by the PhD Students.
  • Annual mandate as a Students’ representative.
  • Taking part to a ED540’s training session (e.g. “Academic Writing”, 2 days).

For this field, diversity is compulsory : you must validate two units of different kind. E.g. presenting twice at the Doctoral days will allow you to validate only one unit.

3. Specialized training, organised/operated by your own Research unit, in coordination with other Research units in the same field

  • Publishing one paper in a scientific journal (peer-reviewed), as part of Conference proceedingsor, for SACRe students, presenting a piece of art to an institution (art gallery, theater, concert hall, etc.)
  • Two oral presentations during a study day, symposium, etc.
    • Taking part to the following scientific events, organised by ED540’s Research units :
    • Two semester seminars
    • two symposia
    • a Summer university

For this field, diversity is compulsory.

Specific cases

  • You may be exempted of validating units of the first field (Training for Professional integration), if :
    • you are a PhD student and teach (complementary teaching mission) at least 64hours/year for two years
    • You are a SACRe PhD student and an active artist
    • You have received a similar training in another COMue
  • If you study in cotutelle, you may make a request for exemption of validation for one of the two Specialised units. You may allocate the five other units between your two cotutelle universities, if you validate at least two of them during your stay in Paris (either with your Research Unit, or with the ED540, or with PSL Doctoral college).