ED 540 – Graduate School “Humanities, Arts, Social and Human Sciences”

Until the creation of the Graduate School 540 (ED 540) in 2010, there was no Graduate School devoted to the Humanities and Social Sciences at the École Normale Supérieure. The Graduate School “Humanities, Arts, Social and Human Sciences” aims at :

  • Promoting interdisciplinarity and plurality of approaches for doctoral studies, in keeping with the ENS academic identity as it is experienced by normaliens students.
  • Supporting a better way of organising and systematising cooperation between the various departments and research units of the ENS.

Initially, the ED 540 only accepted doctoral students whose research brought together Humanities and Sciences, willing to achieve pioneering work within emerging fields of interests, at the interface between several disciplines.

Any student who intends to pursue research with a supervisor attached to any of the research units based at the ENS (please find that list here) is now eligible. He or she will then benefit from our tight network of research teams in Humanities and Social Sciences.

The ED specialises in the following domains:

  • Visual Arts
  • Cinema
  • Musical Composition
  • Design
  • History and Philosophy of Sciences and Techniques
  • Aesthetics and History of Arts
  • Geography and Urbanism
  • Architecture
  • History of Modern and Contemporary Worlds
  • History and Archaeology of Ancient and Medieval Worlds
  • Languages and Literature
  • Theatre
  • Philosophy
  • Politics, Power and Social Structures
  • Neurosciences, Cognitive Science and Psychology
  • Linguistics
  • Sociology, Demography, Anthropology and Law

Secretary’s office

Office BC 205

Staircase B, 2nd floor, Espace Recherche Lettres (Yellow corridor)

Opening time:

Monday to Friday ( 9h00 – 17h00)

Tel: 01 44 32 21 98

  • Drifa Fathi ( service for
      •   2nd, 3rd and 4th year Ph.D students
      • Budget
  • Samuel DUCOURANT (samuel.ducourant): services for

    •     First year Ph.D students
    •   Assitance for the supervisors
    • English-speaking Ph.D students, and
    •    the new forthcoming website